1000 Ads
One of the very first uses of highly targeted and relevant video ads on Facebook. 
The first step in being persuasive is being relevant. And thanks to platforms like Facebook, we know more about our customers than ever before. 
To show how the Lexus NX delivers utility without sacrificing style, we used data in a way no brand ever had before using Facebook’s unparalleled ability to target by individual interest and affinity let us segment the Lexus NX target by demographics, interests, geographical location and vehicle affinity. We worked  to hone in on users’ specific interests so that we could create messaging for them that wasn’t just relevant, but hyper-relevant.
The then created 1076 unique ads that reached millions of people in a way that mattered specifically to them. While the results looked effortless, pulling it off took an unforgiving mix of hard work, technical ingenuity, flexibility and strategy. In the end, we had a campaign that was highly engaging for consumers and both efficient and effective for Lexus. 
Adweek Media Plan of the Year: Best Use of Data
Bronze Effie
AME Award
ECHO Award
Facebook Creative Award 2015
World Luxury Award: Gold
"My favourite ad of 2015 isn’t exactly one advert but 1,000. It doesn’t tell an emotive story, feature fancy production or special effects and you’ve probably never seen it. In fact, I can almost guarantee you didn’t see 999 of the executions. Lexus’s Beyond Utility ad campaign gives us a glimpse of the future of personalised advertising"
Picked by: Jerry Daykin, global digital partner, Dentsu Aegis Network
The best ads of 2015 - the professionals pick their favourites
"The Lexus NX ‘1000 Ads’ campaign showed us what campaigns of the future might look like. Each of the thousand executions was slightly different depending on the viewer’s interests, and the engagement metrics were suitably impressive."
Marketers are increasingly tailoring their ad content specifically for the platforms on which they appear, but Lexus is taking that concept a step further with its latest Facebook campaign.
To promote its NX model, Lexus has created over 1,000 unique video ads, and will target them to niche audiences across Facebook using the social network’s data and ad-targeting tools. 
The idea is to make the ads as relevant as possible to the specific tastes and interests of the consumers they’re being placed in front of.
Jan 29, 2015

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