I've always been interested in the future of our industry and storytelling through new technologies.

AI and machine learning /mixed realities / hardware / virtual production. 

I've been then and done that, to be clear, I am no expert but I love to stay curious.
I was very early believer in the second wave of VR, we set up a VR lab that became the beginning of a lab of labs and influenced many investment and business decisions with the Publicis Groupe in North America. We leveraged that experience into many breakthrough early VR projects and even global talks
I managed to convert the experimentation of AI into several small projects and a music video for m83. I can also tell you about the ethics of training data sets for AI ( we had that conversation with Publicis lawyers in 2016) which led to use royalty free carols and poems to train a TensorFlow model that then created an AI written Holiday Carol
Renowned sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke said
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
This something I passionately believe in and my experience has taught me that anything new attracts attention and therefore nearly always proves to be a great marketing investment.


"In 2017, we’ll continue to see the world of immersive reality be very experimental, but we’ll also start seeing defined paths for the different realities. Virtual reality will continue to be a force in the entertainment world, providing an immersive experience for consumers while augmented / mixed reality will focus on utility and real world computing applications."

Talks & Panels
Films make us laugh and cry. Filmmakers who wield this power can impact the world, but is filmmaking a uniquely human skill? Can a film made by a machine move you? Zoic Labs (Hollywood CGI/software company) and Saatchi/Team One (ad agency) conducted an experiment to answer this question using open source and custom AI tools.