Malibu Honey
Some good friends of mine are the founders of this local honey company and during Covid they asked my wife and I if we could help them improve their packaging and marketing. We do this for love and cases of sweet lovely delicious local honey.
New Logo and wordmarks
New Packaging
Sample Emails
Officially the unofficial honey of the Biden's
One of the weirdest things about this side project is the requests to create custom labels for weddings, events brands and other special one off special occasions - it's one of the reasons for the single color label on craft paper and the colorful tamper seal.
In late 2020 during lock down Bruce and Mette received a request from the State Department, yes the actual government to create a special label to be used in gift baskets for the Summit of the Americas that would be taking place in Los Angeles in 2021.
At first we thought it was a hoax and someone playing a prank but it turned out to be a legitimate request and meant me designing some official presidential honey for the Dr Jill Biden and President Biden and then handing off printed boards in a Los Angeles Hotel in DTLA.
Here are my two favorite designs proposals, they went with the first one.

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