lexus IS
At the beginning of 2016 the Lexus clients challenged the agency to think about the MY17 IS campaign differently. 
As part of thinking and acting differently we engineered a series of thumb stopping content to engage with an audience that consumes media on their phones and away from television. But that didn't mean leaving a television campaign behind it meant that we managed our budget and creative opportunities to create a content library that extended across all screens and customer touchpoints.

These are just some highlights to show the breadth of the campaign.
the hottest IS yet
aka the Srirach IS
This is the most bizarre ad like piece of content I have ever had the pleasure of producing. A hot sauce themed custom car that was released at the LA Auto Show and trended on FaceBook for almost two straight days.
the litIS
Normally we would lean heavily onto our media partners in this case Wired and Vevo. But due to the client's new appetite to experiment with the model of engagement and desire to make something different we created the Lit car. A 2017 Lexus IS that can literally send a message via 41,999 LEDs. Due to the size of content produced there's a separate page for the LitIS.
And the video that was watched over 7 million times and shared over 25k times:
advertising assets
The TV spots were designed to work across all mediums and especially ones that might not rely on audio. This was because our media flight included a lot of live sports and social media both places were audio might be not be heard.
Body language. This spot was intended to run in heavy sports placements.
'Statements'. This spot was intended to run in heavy style/fashion placements.

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