the first collaboratively created film made out of instagram photos.

We worked with Lexus and Director Jacob Rosenberg to create #LexusInstafilm, the first collaboratively created stop-motion film using Instagram photos. On June 30 2013, during Instagram’s #WorldwideInstaMeet, more than 200 Instagrammers, including both the Instagram and auto-enthusiast communities, joined Lexus at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA, to create a film featuring what was then the all-new 2014 Lexus IS.
The project was a collaborative, mobile effort in which all participating Instagrammers contributed at least one photo, filtered by the individual participants and uploaded to Instagram with specific hashtags that allowed Team One and Lexus to sequence them together on the same day. We used 3-D mapping to pinpoint where and at what angle each mobile photographer needed to be positioned to capture the right shot at the right moment.

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