The Lit IS
creating a car to stand out
Experiential, Innovation & Media 
To get our target audience of affluent MILLENNIALS  to pay attention to  the 2017 Lexus IS we created  custom edition that couldn't be ignored and amplified it with cut through media.
Everything we do says something about us; 
the music we listen to, the clothes we wear or even the car we drive.
This  truth was at the center of the 2017 Lexus IS campaign but what happens when we need to amplify the message and create something unique that needs to be shared and commented on?
As part of communication planning we had identified that we needed some kind of content that could create and demanded attention in the busy news feeds of our target consumers; the hard to reach affluent millennials.
Working with the production aces at Tool we covered a 2017 Lexus IS with 41,999 RGB LEDs and wired them up to battery powered custom hardware solution that was controlled by a custom Open Frameworks application that allowed to display any digital art on the car in realtime.
We them created content, beautiful content:
Media placement
We worked with our media planners to place the Lit car into a custom written and shot music video via VEVO, with an up and coming artist called Dua Lipa, seriously she was barely known in the US at this point but the data folks assured us she had a high probability of becoming the next big thing.
Building a platform rather than just a campaign
One of the best bits about this work is how much play the car got after this launch. Beverly Hills requested it for their holiday campaign our clients decided to double down and use it for their main activation at NYFW the following Spring. All in all it made 25 plus appearances - it was bonkers for a while.

The build

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