Let us tell you a story...
...about the lengths Lexus goes to engineer their cars. Their obsession with building vehicles designed around the driver and passengers rather than around the engine or mark on the grill.
This was the impetus for the Lexus brand campaign in 2019/2020 that was designed feed bite sized questions into digital media and lead people to longer stories that paid of the viewer's curiosity both at a brand website and places like a YouTube.
Questions and answers
A perfect strategy for digital; pose a question or ignite someone's curiosity then immediately satisfy and then ask another question.
While the hero 60 second tv spot (linked here) was a labor of love for those involved, my team and I answered our consumers curiosity and drove them deeper and further. Had to show here but the campaign worked brilliantly with retargeting and fractional attention spans across digital properties like Facebook/Instagram and YouTube. Results we through the roof and blew away automotive benchmarks.
Sample digital ads
website capture 
This website was inspired by video based websites and TV app - encouraging curiosity and discovery. 
sample answers
Three sample videos from the brand storybook.
That podcast series
We also featured  and worked with Malcolm Gladwell - one of my favorite pieces of work that the agency did while I was there - wish I had been more involved but massive kudos to Amanda and Tyler they stuck the landing on this vastly underrated podcast series.
As I said above one of my all time favorite ideas from Team One. A classic example of creative and media creating together in digital. This was an animation that was made to extend the audio into video channels - not originally intended as a video but works well.

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