Real Time
I've always been interested is using technology to tell stories. It could be a new camera, a piece of software, a technique or just a new technology. I usually want to explore how it can help me and my clients make better and more breakthrough work.
Probably one of the main reasons I spent so long at Team One is because at Lexus they always shared that passion because their audience usually bought new gadgets and technology (a high disposable income has many advantages).
We had been working with Unity and Lexus for several years when they asked if we wanted to use the brand to showcase a new release of their game engine at Unity Unite at Copenhagen in late 2019.
This is our demo project:
Prior to Unite Copenhagen in September 2019, Unity collaborated with Lexus and its agency Team One to showcase a real-time car configurator and promote Unity as a photographic tool with real-world camera controls, using the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). The demo featured a high-detail car model from Lexus in different trims, a fully-modeled 3D environment of the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, and 3 distinct lighting conditions.
We called this app FrameR. It was designed to allow us to prove out that realtime 3D could replicate a virtual photography experience by importing a pre rigged and textured car and then placed into a custom environment to create assets that would allow a 'virtual photographer to output impressive and realistic images.

An interview that was posted on Unity's website and social channels:
creating content at scale
These are two articles that were written by Unity if you want to go deeper:
A hyperspeed walkthrough our our tool:
A high pass render with motion all produced within game engine. Please remember this was over three years ago now.
Not all Unity
Like many people in the VFX industry we also explored Unreal Engine and ultimately decided that their platform held a technology edge against Unity as a delivery medium (not in all cases so our pipeline was flexible enough to take advantage of any 'delivery' platform.

Here's a sample of our a quick test cinematic using Unreal - this yet again is real time rendering.

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