Mark Levinson
Mark Levinson is an American high-end audio equipment brand established in 1972 by eponymous founder Mark Levinson, it is owned by Harman International Industries, that recently became a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.
Mark Levinson is mainly known as the premium audio brand within Lexus cars but they also are known to audiophiles worldwide as designers and manufacturers of highly engineered audio amplifiers and related high end audio equipment. In 2020 they released a brand new turntable and in 2021 they asked us to create a small marketing campaign to support the relaunch of their high end headphones ‘the 5909’.
Building upon the previous high performing and well received turntable campaign that highlighted the resolving ability of the turntable to pull details out of an audiophile’s vinyl collection the new headphone campaign was tasked with helping overall brand perception and also alerting the public to the new premium over the ear headphones.
Here it here, only here.
We created a mini campaign that showed two passionate music forward 'creators' using their new headphones while away from the traditional listening environments like their living room or car.
This small asset shoot involved video and still assets being captured and was carefully considered to be international market ready (aka no voice over or language performances) and set in the iconic location of Malibu CA.
Examples of the overlay graphic we developed for the previous campaign.
We also added the same thematic graphics and messaging and merged it with the Lexus footage we had to create assets that were used in showrooms to help explain the advanced technology available in the Lexus vehicles:

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